A 20-year-old Polytechnics bloke who has just decided to initiate what could one day be an A-rank, highly visited, informative, amusing and possibly prize-winning blog. Although I have about n doubts that this will be the case…

NB: n is a natural number in this particular case ranging from about 40 up to 5000.

About my personality, there is nothing much to say… I tend to find pointless topics of discussion about which I can rant for at least 30 lines, during which I am known to crack at least 3 not very amusing jokes, at least one which could be considered scandalous to the more highbrow individuals and at the very least 8 which at least 70% of readers won’t understand. I consider myself to have been born in the wrong decade and I am highly disgusted with goings on in politics, mass-media and the pop culture. Lady Gaga is my arch enemy to which an enema is highly recommended. I despise Romanian policy regarding the EU and the illegal wars which have been going on in Afghanistan and Iraq for quite some time.

I wouldn’t describe myself as having a complex personality, for it would be lame to say so without offering proof, which I shall try by posting.


Ow, and one last thing…

Huge Southy Park and Led Zeppelin fan.