Even though this blog has remained quite mute for some months now and I cannot call myself a blogger due to this, the title is chosen. Staring at the obvious Lord of the Rings reference, a twinge of remorse binds me and clearer than ever I look upon the downward spiral that my writing skills have become. Ignoring this I press onwards convinced that, as with riding a bicycle, I can reignite what was once a pleasure and a distant calling. And for the moment it succeeds. I am, again, weaving sentences. The twinge slackens its grip as the future of this post reveals itself moment by moment, alternate routes forking ahead, each bidding me to a different end.

This is a purposeless post, merely an exercise to stretch and unwind my imagination and coherent writing abilities, although this could very well be the purpose, which would mean that the beginning of this phrase is faulty. But I don’t care. It is more comfortable to analyze the moment, this post than to struggle in finding a blog-worthy subject. Undoubtedly I could reflect upon the current situation worldwide, but what else can be said? A simple “It’s f***ed up” would succinctly resume it and suffice. However, that wouldn’t suffice given a second glace, for the world has always been thus. There are shades of “f***ed up” which color the world in any period, distinguishable only by those who can see the broad picture as it turns murkier by the minute.

And what about celebrities? The latest movies? Music? More of them appear every day. That is again sufficient. The rest is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, they resemble my writing downward spiral, a depressing but also hopeful outlook. Depressing because I am getting more and more vexed by their crappiness and hopeful because a period of growth must follow it, for it is obvious that real creativity and talent haven’t disappeared, they’re just laying dormant among the corpses that 90% of the public enjoy without a second glance.

The faith which I place in the next generations is non-existent, and it shall remain so until we stop following leaders without question, believing anything and everything they spout. Critical thinking is critical in ridding ourselves of puppets, demagogues and idiots and start following leaders that prove themselves worthy of our time and energy and also will be willing to serve our interests.

This digression wasn’t, I hope, pointless. But you can decide. If you are still able to analyze on your own, without some source outside yourselves feeding you a zeitgeist to judge against.

This exercise caused me to smile. I had almost forgot the sensation that creation induces upon the mind. And I think I will keep the title.