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To Whom It May Concern

Ignorand titlul in alta limba decat corpul entry-ului (inca un cuvant englezesc in locul echivalentului lui in romana si cam acum Pruteanu incepe a se zvarcoli in mod spasmotic in sicriu), sper ca putem purcede cu avant muncitoresc la motivul principal (si eventual la unele secundare) care m-au determinat sa deschid meniul de compozitie la care ma holbam in momentul in care textul din fata voastra isi umplea formele. Navigand InterPanza in aceasta seara, un impuls (pentru cei versati intr-ale fizicii, un masa*viteza) m-a impins catre pagina, un mall virtual unde mizeriile romanesti care au pretentia a se numi “presa” (deja simt o cantitate infima de materie regurgitata in haul esofagului la simplul gand) aveau un subiect principal de “acoperit”: Iranul este pe cale a declansa “Primavara nucleara” cu ajutorul… centralei nucleare, care cica ar fabrica pe langa energie folosita de focoase blonde la indreptarea parului, si focoase nucleare in scopul unui atac asupra Vestului…

*oftat*  Si, fireste, inevitabila solutie: interventie vestica, prin proxy-ul clasic, Israel. *dublu oftat*

Pe parcursul a mai multor ani in care am privit cum NATO/SUA/Israel declanseaza razboaie intr-o veselie tampa, sub pretexte false (remember WMDs in Irak), sau destabilizeaza tari prin agenti provocatori (Egipt, Siria) sau pur si simplu “pacifica” situatia, cu ajutorul raidurilor aeriene asupra unor tinte vitale pentru securitatea tarii precum… scoli (Libia, exemplu graitor. Ca sa nu mai vorbesc de relatiile apropiate intre vest si Gaddafi inainte de intentia acestuia de a crea o moneda Africana si a semna contracte cu rusii)… Si acum urmeaza Iranul.

Ma intristeaza profund comenariile cetatenilor pe acest subiect. Ayatollah-ii trebuie sa fie inlocuiti, Ahmadinejad este un tacanit si merita soarta lui Saddam, nu putem lasa Iranul sa atace Vestul cu bombe atomice, etc.etc.etc. Sustinere pentru aceasta greseala istorica (ce ar putea duce la cel mai temut eveniment posibil din istoria omenirii – Cea de-a treia conflagratie mondiala) exista cu duiumul. Fireste ca exista. Teama primitiva de atac din exteriorul zonei de confort (aka tara) s-a dovedit in trecut un catalist ideal pentru declansarea unor acte de agresiune contra unor tari care nu aveau nicio legatura cu subiectul sau predicatul fricii si care eventual au condus la decese in masa si scaune printre populatia civila (inclusiv extrem de multi copii). Dar ratiunea pare sa aiba un rol din ce in ce mai fad in marile campanii politice si de presa ale zilelor noastre. Perceptia individului a fost inlocuita cu prejudecati prefabricate servite la rece si cu multe condimente deasupra pentru a acoperi emanatiile grotesti produse de starvul ce zace dedesubtul poleiului mediatic.

Presupunand ca Ahmadinejad, trezindu-se maine dimineata cu o durere de omoplat combinata in mod neplacut cu o urma de perna pe obrazul stang si apoi cu o taietura pe buza in timpul barbieritului, decide sa lanseze 2 rachete nucleare ascunse in mod diabolic intre propriile fese catre Israel sau si mai rau… catre America, nu va reusi decat doua chestiuni: cel mai probabil mod esuarea lamentabila a lovirii tintelor datorita mutitudinii de sisteme de aparare ce inconjoara Israelul si America. In cel mai rau caz, moartea a catorva milioane de oameni.

2.Condamnarea Iranului la extinctie totala. SUA are, in timp ce depan cuvinte virtuale, cateva mii de rachete cu focoase nucleare. Ca sa nu mai vorbim de ce mai au si Marea Britanie si Franta… Iar Rusia…

In concluzie, si-ar condamna tara la un razboi nuclear din care niciun iranian nu va supravietui si care va face imposibila habitarea tarii pe parcursul a zeci, poate sute de ani… Oricat de sarit de pe fix ar fi Ahmadinejad, nu este la un nivel la care genocidul sa i se para acceptabil intru gloria Jihadului or some shit… Si propaganda israeliana, care mentine ca “Iranul este un pericol iminent pentru securitatea noastra” nu este nimic altceva decat o incercare de a forta SUA sa o scape de inca o natiune care ii face incomozi… Sunt dezgustat de starea spre care se indreapta situatia mondiala. Si sper ca aceasta declaratie sa fie redundanta, caci am incercat sa impregnez acest entry cu acest sentiment. In egala masura, sper sa incepeti sa fiti si voi dezgustati si sa continuati raspandirea acestei atitudini printre cunostintele voastre. Eu mi-am terminat treaba pe ziua asta. Va predau stafeta. Run with it!


The Return of the Blogger

Even though this blog has remained quite mute for some months now and I cannot call myself a blogger due to this, the title is chosen. Staring at the obvious Lord of the Rings reference, a twinge of remorse binds me and clearer than ever I look upon the downward spiral that my writing skills have become. Ignoring this I press onwards convinced that, as with riding a bicycle, I can reignite what was once a pleasure and a distant calling. And for the moment it succeeds. I am, again, weaving sentences. The twinge slackens its grip as the future of this post reveals itself moment by moment, alternate routes forking ahead, each bidding me to a different end.

This is a purposeless post, merely an exercise to stretch and unwind my imagination and coherent writing abilities, although this could very well be the purpose, which would mean that the beginning of this phrase is faulty. But I don’t care. It is more comfortable to analyze the moment, this post than to struggle in finding a blog-worthy subject. Undoubtedly I could reflect upon the current situation worldwide, but what else can be said? A simple “It’s f***ed up” would succinctly resume it and suffice. However, that wouldn’t suffice given a second glace, for the world has always been thus. There are shades of “f***ed up” which color the world in any period, distinguishable only by those who can see the broad picture as it turns murkier by the minute.

And what about celebrities? The latest movies? Music? More of them appear every day. That is again sufficient. The rest is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, they resemble my writing downward spiral, a depressing but also hopeful outlook. Depressing because I am getting more and more vexed by their crappiness and hopeful because a period of growth must follow it, for it is obvious that real creativity and talent haven’t disappeared, they’re just laying dormant among the corpses that 90% of the public enjoy without a second glance.

The faith which I place in the next generations is non-existent, and it shall remain so until we stop following leaders without question, believing anything and everything they spout. Critical thinking is critical in ridding ourselves of puppets, demagogues and idiots and start following leaders that prove themselves worthy of our time and energy and also will be willing to serve our interests.

This digression wasn’t, I hope, pointless. But you can decide. If you are still able to analyze on your own, without some source outside yourselves feeding you a zeitgeist to judge against.

This exercise caused me to smile. I had almost forgot the sensation that creation induces upon the mind. And I think I will keep the title.

Code Free

I have a dream. That C programs, Java programs, even Scheme or PROLOG programs will all live together in bliss and harmony on my hard drive, sharing resources as humans share bread or a joint.

That no Segmentation Fault may befall you, valiant C, so primitive in your memory allocation, yet so nimble at thy writer’s every whim…

That thy wealthy class libraries go forth and expand, mighty yet slow Java, so as every conceivable task imaginable by man’s limited mind might find a means to solidify in bits and GUIs at the very touch of thy Majesty Netbeans Run button.

As for you, abstract Scheme, thy incalculable layers of parentheses inside parentheses are testament to how treacherous a closed mind can be, as only opened minds may glimpse a correct closure of thy function declarations.

As for PROLOG, even though I have not studied your logic, I can only wait and wonder what challenges you have prepared for me.

If the devil may dwell in details, then I say on to you, treacherous ASM language, that your ability to manipulate the very foundation of the computer, although intriguing, carries with it a curse most intolerable, for complete control over anything shouldn’t be available to any living being. Because power corrupts, and absolute power over the mind and soul (aka hard and soft) of computers corrupts absolutely. For if anyone were to obtain ultimate l33tness, it would mean an end to the balance between man and machine.


For we, as programmers, need seg faults, unknown errors, exceptions not thrown properly, stray bits of information annoying the bejesus out of us until those of frail computing power may end their torment hanging by the cord of their own keyboard. We need these imperfections to confirm that we are, after all, still human. Prone to mistakes, many of them so screamingly obvious that we may facepalm at our ineptitude to spot them immediately. Prone to a badly realloc’d pointer or a value whose type was wrongly chosen to begin with. Prone to our own fallibility. Prone to our humanity.


Good night, and may the Berners-Lee bless your fingers to code true.


Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Birth Of A Blog

For starters, I would like to state that I possess another blog, dedicated to reviewing, and it can be accessed here

Having said that, let me welcome you to my weirdly (for some of you) named blog, Sudo Read Me. In case you’re wondering what the Sudo part of the whole thing means, I have one word for you: Ubuntu. Haven’t gotten there yet? Alright… here’s another clue: Linux…

If you haven’t had an epiphany until now, then I shall plainly say that it is an Ubuntu command which must be written before the task you want to perform to grant yourself administrator privileges, so as not to encounter any problems.

Continuing, the purpose of this newly spawned edifice which I will build upon as often as I can or feel like it is unstated and it will remain in this manner until such a time as I, again, feel like it to give it a purpose. Furthermore, seeing as I have the ability to create an unlimited number of blogs from my single account, it couldn’t hurt to have one devoted to random thoughts or half-baked ideas, in other words for literary cocking about.

Bit of a short introduction (I had to cut out about 15 lines to make it sound less preachy), but I promise it will get better. So let’s journey onwards, to a brighter and better future, which realistically will never happen in this imperfect world controlled by the worst and most decadent special interest groups that could exist…